Terms and Conditions


1. Product Descriptions

1.1        European Quilting Supplies Limited (“EQS”) will make every effort to ensure that product descriptions are fair and accurate but, as manufacturers may change specifications from time to time, EQS cannot be held liable for any discrepancies that may occur.
1.2        It is the responsibility of the customer to examine all deliveries and ensure the goods are suitable for the purpose for which they have been purchased and as per the delivery notification.  EQS should be notified of any discrepancies within 7 days of the invoice date.

1.3        In the event of a material discrepancy, EQS will, at its absolute discretion, offer an alternative or provide a full refund, provided that the goods are returned to EQS undamaged, in their original packaging and in a saleable condition within 7 days of a request to do so.
1.4        EQS shall decide, at its absolute discretion, what is, and what is not a “material discrepancy” and what is, and what is not, “in a saleable condition”.
2. Prices

2.1     Published prices are correct at the time of publication, errors and omissions excepted.
2.2        EQS reserves the right to change prices at any time without prior notice.  In the event of a material change in exchange rates between the time an order is placed and its subsequent delivery, EQS reserve the right to implement a currency adjustment.
2.3         Customers may request an up to date price list at any time.
3. Bonus Scheme

3.1        EQS may from time to time introduce bonus schemes under which customers receive an entitlement to credit against future purchases, based on the volume purchased in any specified period.  Such schemes and the terms under which they operate are entirely at the discretion of EQS and may be modified or withdrawn at any time.

4. Small Order/Carriage                                                                       

4.1          Carriage is free of charge on all orders of £150 or more (UK mainland only), excluding VAT.
4.2        For all orders of less than £150, excluding VAT, a small order processing charge is charged at a flat rate of £10 per order plus VAT (UK mainland only).
4.3          All back orders (UK mainland only) are shipped free of charge.

4.4        Carriage is free of charge on all fabric orders exceeding £1,000 or more excluding VAT to the ROI.
4.5        For all fabric orders of less than £1,000 excluding VAT and all notions orders to the ROI, carriage is charged at cost.
4.6        For mainland Europe and ROW, the minimum order value is £500 and carriage is charged at cost.
5. VAT                                                                       

5.1        All prices exclude VAT.
5.2        UK customers will be charged VAT at the current rate, where applicable.
5.3        EU customers will be charged VAT at the current rate, where applicable, unless a VAT registration number is provided at the time of order.
5.4        VAT is not charged to non-EU customers subject to written confirmation that the goods have been exported.
6. Payment Methods

6.1        The preferred method of payment is BACS transfer.  Payment may also be made by cheque or debit card.  Credit card payments are not accepted.
6.2        For cheque payments, EQS reserves the right to defer any action required of it in relation to the receipt of money pending confirmation of the clearance of the cheque(s).
7. Credit Accounts

7.1        The first order for all new customers will be processed on a pro forma basis and this will continue until such time as a credit account is established.
7.2        Credit accounts may be opened, at the discretion of EQS, subject to the receipt of two satisfactory trade references and/or satisfactory information from Experian Credit Services.  Please note that, whilst EQS will make every effort to process applications on a timely basis, it may take some time following application to obtain and process the necessary information.  Completing an application does not therefore mean that a credit account will be available immediately.  In the interim, all orders will be processed on a pro forma basis.

7.3        Customers who are unable to provide satisfactory references will be supplied on a pro forma basis for a minimum of 6 months before a credit account can be established.
7.4        The establishment and continuation of a credit account will, at all times be at the sole discretion of EQS, and credit terms may be withdrawn by EQS at any time without any reason being given and without prior notice.
8. Credit Terms                                                      

8.1         Standard credit terms are strictly 30 days net, i.e. from date of invoice.

9. Credit Limits                                                                       

9.1          Each credit account will be assigned a credit limit.
9.2           EQS will endeavour to accommodate each customer’s requirements in relation to credit limits, but the amount of the credit limit will be at EQS's absolute discretion.
9.3           In instances in which a customer requires a credit limit that is significantly greater than EQS would normally provide, EQS will consider such a request, but may require the customer to provide additional information in support for their application - up to date accounts, for example.  Please note that the provision of such information does not necessarily guarantee that an increased credit limit will be made available.

9.4          A customer may request a review of their credit limit at any time and EQS will also review them from time to time in an effort to ensure that they are not unduly restrictive. 
9.5          In considering increases in credit limits, a customer’s payment record will be the most important determining factor.
9.6        Credit limits may be reduced or withdrawn at any time without notice and at EQS’s absolute discretion.for accounts which are in arrears or which have not been managed in accordance with these terms and conditions.  In such circumstances, the total balance in excess of the revised credit limit will become due for immediate payment.

10. Processing Orders

10.1      Orders will not be shipped if an account is in arrears or the value of the order would cause the credit limit to be exceeded.  In such circumstances, the order will normally be held pending receipt of the appropriate payment or, if applicable, agreement of a revised credit limit.
10.2      Customers should note that, for orders held as described in 10.1 above, stock will not be allocated against the order and any previously allocated items will, as appropriate, be re-allocated.
11. Fabric Orders

11.1       As fabric is normally bought to order, EQS will not accept the cancellation of a fabric order for any reason other than the failure of EQS to supply the order within a reasonable length of time.  In such instances, orders must be cancelled in writing and we reserve the right to refuse the cancellation if the fabric is already in transit from the supplier. EQS shall decide at its absolute discretion what is and what is not a reasonable length of time. 
11.2       Should EQS decide, at its absolute discretion, to accept a cancellation for any other reason, then a cancellation fee of up to 25% of the value of the order will be payable.
11.3       EQS also reserve the right to require a deposit of up to 50% of the order value before processing a fabric order.  When required, such deposits are non-refundable.
12. Returns

12.1       Customers wishing to return goods for any reason must first obtain a returns number which must be clearly marked on the packages used to return the goods.  Related credits will not be processed unless a returns number has been obtained.
13. Charges on Overdue Accounts

13.1       EQS reserves the right to charge interest on overdue invoices at the rate of 2.5% per 30 day period or part thereof from the date of the invoice to the date the charge is raised. 
13.2       Charges for interest will normally be raised on or around day 7 of each month based on the outstanding balances at the end of the previous month and will include interest up until the date that the charge is raised.  For example, if an invoice on which interest has not previously been charged becomes 60 days old at the end of a particular month and is not paid on the first day of the next month it will fall into three 30-day periods.  The first interest charge for that invoice will therefore be 7.5% of the invoice value.  If it remains unpaid 30 days later there will be a further charge of 2.5%, and so on.

14. Non-Payment of Accounts

14.1       In the event that EQS receives a cheque in settlement of an outstanding amount that is not honoured upon presentation and is returned by the customer’s bank, the customer will be charged an administration fee of £25.  A separate fee will be charged on each and every occasion on which a cheque is returned.

14.2       EQS will, at its absolute discretion, accept the return of stock in settlement or part settlement of a debt. In such circumstances there will be a restocking charge which will be determined by EQS at a level that reflects the amount that can be recovered from the returned stock.  It will be a minimum of 25% of the invoiced value of the goods.

14.3       In circumstances in which EQS, at its absolute discretion, does not believe a payment arrangement is appropriate, or in which a customer is unwilling or unable to enter such an arrangement, or is in breach of undertakings previously given, EQS will initiate legal proceedings or instruct debt recover agents for the full and immediate recovery of all amounts due, regardless of age, plus any additional charges calculated by reference to these terms and conditions.

14.4       The customer, by accepting these terms and conditions, agrees to indemnify EQS in relation to all costs incurred in debt recovery, including, but not limited to, time costs, all legal costs payable and commission payable to debt recovery agents, and shall be liable for these costs.

15. Title

15.1       All goods shall remain the property of EQS until paid for in full.  Payment in full will mean payment for the invoiced value of the goods plus any related fees or interest chargeable by reference to 13 and 14 above.
16. Claims and Disputes

16.1       All claims relating to damaged goods, shortages, incorrect goods, pricing and credit terms should be notified to EQS in writing within 7 days of the invoice date otherwise no claim will be accepted.
16.2       It is the responsibility of the customer to sign for the goods as received.  EQS accepts no responsibility for shortages or damaged goods in relation to deliveries that have been signed for by the customer or their representative.
17. Governing Law

17.1       All claims, disputes or any other matter relating to these terms and conditions shall be dealt with under the law of England and Wales.

18. Status

These terms and conditions supersede all previously published.
19. Acceptance

19.1       By placing an order a customer is deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions.

European Quilting Supplies Limited (“EQS”) is a wholesaler.  As such it only supplies goods to bona fide resellers of goods such as shops, professional “e-tailers”, commercial long arm quilters, manufacturers and to bona fide educational institutions.  It does not supply goods direct to the general public.
Reflecting this policy, prospective customers that are not self-evidently operating as a retail business or educational institution will be asked to provide relevant information in order to establish their credentials as a bona fide reseller or educational institution.  EQS reserves the right to verify, or request the verification of, any information so provided and to refuse to supply a prospective customer if, it has not, in the opinion of EQS, provided satisfactory reliable evidence that it is either a bona fide reseller or educational institution.
Prospective customers should note that, the minimum initial order value that will be accepted is £1,000. 
Once an order has been accepted, all business will be conducted in accordance with EQS’s Standard Terms and Conditions.