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Seraflex Top Box 72 Colours AM7840B-M0604

Product Code: AMM0604

SERAFLEX is the perfect sewing thread for highly elastic seams on all elastic fabrics. Due to its innovative raw material PTT (37% renewable raw material) an elongation of approx. 65% is achieved, making all seams highly elastic. SERAFLEX makes especially the straight stitch extremely stretchable, in the best case even a doubling of the seam elasticity can be achieved compared to seams with conventional sewing threads. Due to its extremely elastic properties SERAFLEX is primarily used for clothing, e.g. as sewing thread for women's, men's and children's clothing, for sportswear and outdoor as well as for lingerie and underwear. Available in up to 36 colours and 1 featuring size(s). Designed to sew seams in stretch fabrics. Not for quilting, overlocking or applique. Tips when using Seraflex: Use Seraflex in the top thread and bobbin Wind the bobbin without tension or slower speed than usual Use looser / lower top thread tension than for cotton fabric
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