Top tips for a successful craft show exhibition

Tempt customers with a unique and attractive display

Think about how your stand can stand out from nearby vendors. The stand you create including the products, displays and signage and how you present yourselves should be both attractive and consistent with your brand. Hanging or displaying a finished quilt or project can be an effective way to draw potential customers.
Use of space

When you are working with limited space, it’s important to make maximum use of the space you have available. Think about wall, floor counter and shelf space. Consider the available space at the particular show you are exhibiting at and practice setting up with the furniture you will use at the show. Look at your displays from different angles and consider the placement of your products so that they are easily visible. Don’t forget to allow spaces for stock items in addition to displays.

While you will want to display a wide choice of products and maximise the space, remember to keep products accessible so that visitors can browse unhindered.

Think like a buyer

Your goal is to make it easy for people to choose your products. Look at the display from a shopper’s perspective and check if anything is missing. Most prefer not to ask questions so make prices and other key information about your products easily accessible. With fabrics especially, customers love to be able to touch the products and shoppers who pick up products are more likely to make a purchase. For notions and haberdashery, demonstrations can be far more effective than simply seeing the product in a packet.
It should be easy for your customers to buy products in the quantities they want (a rotary cutter and mat may be needed!) and to make payment.
Visiting a similar show as an attendee can be an invaluable way to understand the customer perspective. Think about how the best stands at the show attract your eye and create a positive customer experience.
Be available

Make it easy and comfortable for people to interact with you and other staff members.  You never want to be pushy, but you should be available. Make sure that there is enough space for visitors to your stand to browse your products and for you to interact with them. You might consider seating if you think you will be uncomfortable standing for the duration of the show but you should make sure that stools or chairs do not inhibit movement around the stand.

Make it easy for yourself

When planning your display, remember that everything will need to be transported both to and from the show and to your stand. Everything will need to be manoeuvrable and fit in your vehicle. Think about using display pieces that are foldable, collapsible or modular.
You will need to be at your best personally in order to maximise sales and create a good impression for your business, so make sure you have space for snacks, water etc. and that you will be comfortable for long hours of exhibiting.
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