Make Social Media Work for You

These days you can barely have a conversation without some mention of social media. Social Media is a great marketing tool and the best bit? It’s FREE! This is why you need to make sure your business has a presence on the social media channels that are relevant to your business and target audience.  

Deciding the role of social media in your business.
Identify your target audience  
  • 2.31 billion Social Media users in the world, with 69% of them being women.
  • 30 million Facebook users in the UK
  • 14 million Instagram users in the UK
  • Pinterest is the 2nd highest referrer of traffic to websites. (Facebook is 1st) 
Which social media platforms do your customers use the most?
  • Facebook - 72% of adult internet users
  • Pinterest – 31% of adult internet users
  • Instagram – 28% of adult internet users
Which social media platform you understand best and can use easiest.
  • May be a combination of several.
  • You can change how you use social media dependent on the audience, urgency or fun factor. 

Content Planning
  • Allows you to pre-plan and schedule content that has the most meaning to your audience on each platform.
  • Discover what content draws the most engagement form your audience.
  • Keeps you engaged, as you are constantly looking for content to fill the plan. 

Social Media Platforms
  • People subscribe to your email list because they are already engaged with your business and assume you will send them good content.
  • You can determine how often you want to reach out to customers
  • Consumers can be invited to subscribe though other social media platforms.
  • Almost everyone has an email address and checks it daily. – This way you can control the message. 
  • Blogs let you go into depth on a subject
  • Tutorials and projects are easy to portray through a series of photographs.
  • Link to other social media can point back to your blog because each post has its own URL. 
  • Still the favourite social network, despite reports that nobody sees business pages. - Traditional quilting customers are on Facebook.
  • Set up a Facebook group to create a more intimate area for dedicated, loyal customers.
  • Easy to understand Facebook analytics – see when customers are viewing and which posts they are engaging with. 
  • Pinterest is a stand-alone Visual Social Network built around engaging visual content. 
  • Users share visual images from the web, by “pinning” them on to a series of virtual PinBoards.
  • Consumers have reported checking Pinterest before Google – It’s constant and dependable.
  • Easy to set up boards that reflect and link back to your other social media. 
  • Becoming more popular with the traditional quilting demographic.
  • Learn to use @ and # signs as those are necessary for communicating and increasing engagement
  • Better Facebook engagement when you post Instagram photos directly to a Facebook business page.              
#’s explained
  • Hashtags organise content and track based on specific keywords. E.g. #quilting
  • The word or group of words following the # that become the hashtag. Which then turns into a searchable link.
  • Don’t use spaces or punctuation. To define words use capital letter, if you wish. #PatchworkAndQuilting              
Using the @
  • Use @username when you want to mention someone or reach them directly. @EQSUK
  • Entering the @ leads to a list of matches automatically coming up for you to choose from.
  • On Facebook you have to like/accept the friend request before it comes up automatically.  
  • Facebook Live – Live video placed on Facebook.Use it to chat, show how to do something, let consumers watch you create.
  • YouTube – Registered users can upload videos and have them available for the public viewingConsumers use this to learn how to do things, both simple and complex.
  • YouTube presents one of the most underutilised marketing tools available.
  • Periscope – Enable you to “go live” via your mobile device. Become your own “on the go” broadcasting station.Broadcast removed after 24hours
  • Not widely used yet 
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