Five top tips to encourage customer loyalty

Not only is it less expensive to build loyalty in your existing customers, but often they will spend more with you than a new customer and loyal customers are more likely to recommend your business.

Here are five top tips on how to sustain a loyal customer base:
Make the customer feel special
Remember the names of your customers and use them frequently. Getting to know something about them so that you can engage them further and be willing to go the extra mile. When communicate online or by mail, personalise your communication as much as possible.
Nurture a sense of community
For sewing enthusiasts, a local haberdashery store can become a hub of their local community. Not only can it be place for them to find new fabrics and haberdashery but a place to mingle with like-minded people.
Workshops and classes can be a natural way to encourage a community atmosphere but you might also consider events such as coffee mornings, show and tell or knit and natter. You should also look to create a friendly atmosphere with a welcoming environment and staff.
Be consistent and reliable
Ensuring you deliver a high quality service and a reliable product every time will encourage your customers to come back for more. Take pride in your brand by ensuring that your shop or website is always well presented and easy for customers to find what they need. Your communications should be clear correct and consistent with your brand and a consistent approach to pricing and sales will help ensure that your customers trust your brand promise and never feel overcharged.
Be a source of expertise
If you are knowledgeable about your products and the industry and provide honest advice to your customers, they will trust your recommendations and will return to you for your help and advice. Setting aside demonstration areas in your shop is an excellent way to demonstrate answers to customer queries. For online retailers, blogs and demonstration videos can be a good way to show your expertise and encourage repeat visits.
Create complementary content
Provide something helpful to your customers alongside your products and services. Free sewing patterns and technical tips are good examples. Think about the needs of the customers you are supplying. This could be something as simple as offering to gift wrap items purchased as a present.
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