Bolt of the Day

Let's all start this year with a new resolution, we will not celebrate birthdays to our bolts of fabrics! 

What do we mean? As you know, all stock you have in your shop is cash, if you happen to have one (or many) bolts of fabrics that you bought 12 or more months ago, that is cash you could be spending in more & new fabulous fabrics.

The Bolt of the Day is an ongoing programme every hour of every day. Choose a bolt of fabric that has been in the store for over a year.  Leave it on the cutting table at a reduced price and mention it to every customer who has something cut that day.  Have a laminated sign that sits on top of it when not being cut which says, “Bolt of the Day” along with its reduced price. 

It is a simple idea, but it will help you to turn fabric into cash quickly!
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