Share the Story of Your Quilt to Win a Workshop With Cindy Cloward

Share the story behind your quilt for the chance to win a workshop experience with Cindy Cloward, owner and creative director of Riley Blake – one of the UK’s best loved fabric brands.
The competition, which is being run by patchwork and quilting magazine Quilt Now is already open for entries.
Need inspiration? Read Cindy's own story about the quilt above:

“A quilt is never just a quilt.  It always has deeper meaning when it is being created.  It may be inspired by a particular fabric, a pattern or an event.  This quilt was inspired by a wedding. This is a signature quilt that was designed to be signed by the wedding guests at the reception."

I wanted to make something special for my eldest son's wedding.  My son and his fiancé choose the fabric and it was wonderful to make the quilt in preparation for this special occasion. Filled with sweet messages from family and friends, the quilt was given to the bride and groom for an everyday reminder of the happy event.”

How to Enter

Email with a photo of your quilt and the story behind it or post your story and picture to Instagram with the hashtag #storyofmyquilt

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