Sewline Scissors - Product of the Month - British Patchwork & Quilting

Have you seen Sewline Scissor's review in British Patchwork & Quilting?

Sewline Scissors were reviewed by 4 readers of British Patchwork & Quilting and the results were published in the October Issue.  

All the reviewers agreed the scissors are very sharp and cut right to the tip enabling precision cutting. Other comments like "they also cut beautifully both right handed and left handed which is bonus" and "they are very good for applique, cut shapes in various fabrics from sheer to leather" clearly shows Sewline Scissors are a must have!

You may ask what is so special about Sewline Scissors?

They were designed using the same SEKI technology as the famous Japanese swords, the blades of these Sewline scissors are forged and tempered to remain sharp through years of use and deliver a clean, high quality cut all the way down to the tip for long lasting, easy cutting.

These quilting essentials which are innovatively designed for both right and left handed quilters and are created with an ideal balance for cutting and are complete composite handles which although rigid, feel soft and comfortable in either hand.

Available in a gorgeous gift box are complete with a large and small pair for both large and more intricate cutting.
Large (210mm - 8” inch)
Small (135mm - 5 ½ inch)

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