Quilting Basics by Michael Caputo

Who is Michael Caputo?
Michael was born in New York, he then spent several years living in east London and more recently relocated to North Carolina. After studying Advertising and Graphic design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, he went on to become a designer of children’s novelty books. Companies on his CV include HarperCollins, Simon and Schuster and Penguin. It was whilst working at Penguin Michael was given the opportunity to design his prize-winning pop-up books. He was introduced to the craft of quilting by his mother and has taught quilting at the Institute in Finchley and at Ray-Stitch in London.
Michael has now decided to combine his love of quilting and books by bringing you ‘Quilting Basics’

What is Quilting Basics?
Quilting Basics by Michael Caputo is the perfect introduction to the quilting craft. The book is broken down into two easy to follow sections. In Section One Michael shows and explains the tools, fabrics, threads and wadding (batting) you will need to get you started on your first quilting project. As well as explaining the basics of colour theory and fabric patterns.
The second section encompasses a series of 12 workshops that teach you the fundamental skills of quilting. Each workshops ends with a project so you can put your newly learnt skills to the test. Once you have completed the workshop series you will be fully competent with joining pre-cut squares, sashing, piercing and paper piercing, different types of applique and using templates.

Where Can I Buy Quilting Basics?

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