New Sewline Scissors

The new sewline scissors combine traditional Japanese craftsmanship with innovation to create scissors which are a quilters dream.

From the 13th century, swords made in Seki, Japan gained the reputation of having the finest blades. As the age of feudal warlords came to an end, the craftsmen of Seki turned to knife and scissors making for domestic use.  This 800 year old tradition of producing high-quality tempered steel is inherent in the scissors made in Seki which carry the Sewline brand and are now being sold across the world.

Many products have had to be made for use by either right or left-handed people and this has been the case for scissors. Now, the function of the blades and the ergonomic handle design allows the Sewline scissors to be used in either hand. The innovatively designed Sewline scissors cut both ways and can be used with either with the left hand or the right hand.

There is an ideal balance in the leverage between blades and handles that makes for a smooth cutting action without strength or strain needed by the hand or wrist of the user. Sewline scissors cut without undue pressure.

Instead of the traditional metal or hard tortoiseshell type handles, the Sewline scissor handles are made of a composite material which, while rigid, feel soft and comfortable in either hand. There is a shaped support for the first finger which also adds to the comfort and control.

The stainless steel of the scissor blades is heated, forged and tempered to retain their fine cutting edge over a lifetime of use. The purity of the stainless steel ensures it will be free of corrosion in its home use environment.

The Sewline Scissors were created through requests from sewing crafts devotees for high quality scissors that cut cleanly, are comfortable in the hand, take very little pressure to use, have ease of control and importantly, maintain its sharpness over years of regular use.

The new Sewline Scissors are available to buy in a gorgeous gift box with a large and small pair. Click here to take a closer look.