Michael Miller “Color me” by Hayley Crouse

The collection “Color me” created by Hayley Crouse and designed in Michael Miller Cotton Couture fabrics is this years must have!

This fabric is incredibly soft and has a wonderful drape and silkiness to it. 

It is perfect for clothing, but it is also great for pillows, pencil cases, etc. The best part about this fabric collection is the ability to create your own unique style. The fabric without a doubt looks cool with or without colour, but itwas created by Hayley with colouring very much in mind. 

There are two main designs, ‘Royal Life’ and ‘Space Adventures’ with the idea of a boys and girls theme to encourage children to be creative and let their imaginations run wild. 

You can use any fabric markers, following the instructions to maintain the colours after washing.

To see this collection, click here