January Stockist of the Month: The Wool Warehouse

Tell us about the history of your shop and the team?

Holly and Andy set up Wool Warehouse about 5 years ago, selling yarn for knitting and crochet. We only branched out into selling patchwork and quilting fabric a couple of months ago, so it's still very new for us at the moment, and very exciting.
What do you offer that makes you stand out from other retailers?

We'd like to think it's a combination of the range of products we offer, combined with outstanding customer service. We have over 12,000 different yarns, and now over 4,000 different fabric lines in stock. We also photograph practically every item we stock in house. For most fabrics, we have three separate photos of each, to really give people an idea of exactly what the fabric looks like, rather than relying on a computer generated or graphic file image. A really good example is the Sew Simple Batiks range - we stock every colour, and the colour palette looks simply amazing!
What are you passionate about?

The products! For us it's all about the product, be that yarn or fabric. The colour, the texture, the quality - we'd like to think we offer something for everyone, regardless of your personal taste or budget.
How do you choose what you stock?

The old-fashioned way - by looking at, touching and feeling the product! If we like it and more importantly think our customers will like it - we stock it. If the quality isn't there, or the price isn't right, we won't add it to our range.
What do you love about quilting?

The sheer range of colours, patterns and designs available. It's such a diverse, personal and individual craft, no two quilts are the same.
Are there any future plans you wish to share with us?

Continuing to build our range of fabrics and haberdashery - there's always something new to look at, we'll certainly never be bored!

Visit Woolwarehouse.co.uk