February Stockist of the Month: Patchfinders

Find everything you need to make quilts and more at Patchfinders in Cheshire. A large shop in an old building full of character, Patchfinders not only stock a huge range of fabrics but will provide all the advice you need to make your project a success. The whole team of seven staff are quilters themselves who first came to the shop as customers - and still are customers! Owner Claire Milner told us more about their story...

Tell us about the history of your shop and the team?
When I bought the business in 2004, it was about to close as the previous owner was suffering from ill health. We started in a small shop in Hazel Grove, which we just outgrew! Too much fabric! We moved to a much larger premises in 2010 and then moved again to our current premises in 2015.
The shop has more than quadrupled in terms of stock and we run courses all year round and have a meeting space for private groups to meet up and sew. We now have 7 members of staff, all of whom are quilters who were originally customers - and still are customers!

What do you offer that makes you stand out from other retailers?
Our range of fabrics is huge, we stock everything you need to make a quilt and will give as much advice as necessary to help make every quilt a success. The shop has a great atmosphere, it’s an old building with plenty of character. We also have a longarm quilter in a building at the back of the shop who works very closely with us.

What are you passionate about?
My family (they all have quilts), including my dog, and now that my children have left home, travelling. Everywhere I go I have to find a quilt shop!

How do you choose what you stock?
It’s very difficult, you can’t just choose what you like, you have to choose fabric you think will sell. I am occasionally surprised by the popularity of a fabric, but generally I think I have a fairly good idea about what my customers are looking for. Just occasionally I will see a fabric that I don’t think will be popular but I really like - then I will buy it just for myself!
What do you love about quilting?
Colour, I love all the colours and textures of the fabric, it gives me pleasure every time I walk in the shop to see all the fabrics just waiting to be made into quilts, (or any other projects). The process of making a quilt I find therapeutic, it is something that gives me a sense of achievement at the end.
What project are you working on at the minute?
I am in the process of putting together two samples that will be made into kits, and then I am about to embark on making a Block of the Month Sample, with the help of my staff. In the background I am also making some quilted cushions for my daughter’s university bedroom, to go with her quilt.

Are there any future plans you wish to share with us?

To continue as we are!

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