What Every Shop Owner Should Know

Managing any shop is a big challenge and there is no subject for experience. However expert advice can be extremely valuable. Here Janice Pope from Blank Textiles shares 7 top tips:

  1. Your greatest asset is also your weakest link. Invest time and energy with your employees. You can’t communicate with, encourage or praise them too much.
  2. Find help with sample making – a good sample is a valuable sales tool.
  3. Track your purchases and expenses. Some use a notebook, some spread sheets. Know your bolts per month allowance and stick with it.
  4. Pay your suppliers on time – they are as important for your business as your customers.
  5. Move your merchandise. Moving it by selling it is always best, but at least, physically moving it to a new location in the store will improve your chance of selling it. I have been told that batiks work well in the back of the store for two reasons. One is that the batik lovers won’t mind walking to the back to find them, and the other is that even if you get new ones, no one can tell. Reserve the front of the store for what is newest. 
  6. Merchandise by having displays with samples, patterns and pre-cuts handy to the check out, I know one shop owner who picks a pattern and plans what sample will be made with every line of fabric she orders. 
  7. Remember that you are not your business. Develop an operations manual so that every job you perform could be followed and performed by someone else. This will help in training employees and offloading tasks you find unpleasant. You may start off doing everything, but eventually, you can’t do it all and you will need help.
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