Teaching at the Cutting Table

Workshops are a great way to teach techniques to a group of students who are willing to sign up and wait for a scheduled class, but what about the eager customers who have questions right now? How do I cut diamond shapes without a template? How do I add seam allowance when cutting? There are many questions that could be answered with a quick demonstration.
Why not offer a Teaching at the Cutting Table service?

Teaching at the Cutting Table is a creative on-demand method for helping customers straight away through demonstration without the customer having to sign up to a class. This not only allows the customer to get on with their project but is an excellent customer service tool ensuring the customers return!

We have come up with four ways in which you can implement the "teaching at the cutting table service".

Demonstration Book
  • A binder and protective sleeves allow you to quickly flip from one demo to another.
  • It provides consistent teaching so that staff aren’t giving conflicting information.
  • Include tools so that customers can easily recognise them. 
Demonstration Basket
  • Great for demos that require bulky or a lot of supplies.
  • Use dividers to keep baskets organised into various techniques.
  • Save time on hunting for supplies by including everything you need in the basket, including scissors, needles and threads.
  • Place in an area which has easy access for staff but not customers. 
Display Board
  • Great for step by step visual instructions for how to use specific tools and notions.
  • Limited to one technique per board but can use varying board sizes.
  • Use printed instructions so that customers can read and understand easily.
  • Display boards can be changed monthly or as new products are introduced. 
Portable Flannel Board
  • Great to show a sequence of a block setup or sewing technique.
  • Fabric techniques will work best as they will stick to the board but can also be moved around.Include close up photos of each step as well as cutting instructions. 
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