Sell more through your website - how to boost your online offering

IMRG – the UK’s industry association for online retail has found that online sales are up 13.9% year on year.

With more customers than ever before opting for the speed and convenience of shopping online, what can you to boost your online offering and make the most of the growth opportunities offered by online?

Gavin Lowther, the head of digital at Visualsoft, offers some top tips…

Effectively utilising social media

The UK is the world leader in online sales via social media. In fact, traffic to sites via social sources have increased 300 percent over the past 12 months.

Retailers can use social media to monitor conversation and sentiment around brand, competitors, and wider industry, which in turn allows them to identify lead generation opportunities and build stronger relationships with customers.

To effectively leverage the power of social media, brands should employ social listening tactics to delve deeper into their demographic for insights that inform and build social media strategy. This in turn ensures that they can offer relevant messaging to customers and take full advantage of conversion opportunities.

Increasing average basket values

Increasing the order values of customers already visiting the site can often be easier than driving new traffic to a page.

Pop-ups are a great way to grab the attention of casual browsers and drawing them towards time-sensitive discounts and new product ranges they may not have considered otherwise.
Up-selling tactics can also be effective.

Related products to those that customers are browsing or have added to their basket can be promoted with messages such as “You may also like” or “Customers also bought”, encouraging them to consider other products. Last minute offers towards the end of the payment “funnel” such as gift wrapping or premium delivery can also be great ways to add value. Up-selling tactics such as these can be responsible for as much as 31% of ecommerce site revenues.

Making effective use of third-party marketplaces

More customers than ever now start their online purchase journey on market places such as Amazon and eBay. Selling on these websites is a great way for customers to increase both brand awareness and visibility of specific product ranges by putting their products in front of a global audience.

Adapted from the article by Gavin Lowther for Craft Business magazine
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