How to sell more notions

When its fabrics that your customers get excited about, notions can get overlooked. Yet they are an essential part of any project from pressing to stitching and are designed to make your customers crafting simple so that they can focus on creating.
To stop notions gathering dust on your shelves, we have put together some top tips to sell more of these essential supplies.


With notions, it is not what they look like that’s exciting but what they do. No matter how well you describe them to your customers, there is no substitute for seeing them in action.

Have your notions ready to demonstrate at your cutting table and take advantage of events in your shop such as show and tells, sewcial afternoons and drop in sessions to show off products with special features. Make sure you have fabric scraps and anything else you need on hand ready to use for your demo.

You can also film demonstrations to feature on your website and social media platforms. Use a well-lit room and make sure that the video and sound quality are good and that your video is easy to follow. Creating your own videos can provide a trusted, friendly face for your demonstrations but it if you aren’t able to do your own filming, you may be able to find these ready made from your suppliers and brands to share with your customers – try searching their websites and YouTube platforms.


Workshops and classes

This is an ideal opportunity for the customers to get to grips with the products themselves and experience first-hand the benefits which they provide. An English Paper Piecing class for instance is a perfect chance for customers to try the Sewline Glue Pen or the Add-A-Quarter ruler. Ensure that you have enough of each product for your attendees with additional units in stock for any customers who decide to buy on the day.



Notions don’t exactly jump out from the shelves or from a screen the way great fabrics do. The projects that they can help to make are often far more exciting to look at than the products in their packaging. Take advantage of this by featuring lifestyle images in your digital promotion. These can often be found on brand and supplier websites and you can also photograph your own. However packaging images are still important for your online customers to see what they are buying.

In your shop, why not use projects to showcase what your notions and other non-fabric products can do? A hexagonal quilt block pattern might be the perfect way to showcase your hexagon rulers. You could even list key products used for a ready-made project in your signage.


Are your notions easy to find in your shop or on your website? Make sure that they are in a sensible, visible area of your shop or can be found within a logical category online. Make shop products extra visible by testing different products in your impulse buy area. You can do this on your website by using banners on your home page or including them among your recommended product suggestions if your website has this feature.

Sample Products

To help spread the word about new products you may consider lending sample notions to trusted customers to try before they buy, especially if they are likely to talk to their friends about them or are members of local groups. Be sure to keep track of what you lend to who.


Offers and promotions

For products that still require an extra push, try including these in an offer or promotion. This may help get the product out in to the local craft community and in the case of an exhaustible product such as ironing spray or thread customers who like the product may be willing to pay full price in the future. You may consider bundling product together, for example a “Patchwork Starter Pack” with a reduction on the overall price to encourage customers to buy additional products.

In Summary

Remember that it is what a notion does and how it works that sells it. Finding ways to showcase your notions in action and what they can create or even for customers to experience the products themselves is a great way to generating additional sales. Make sure that these products are visible and that any promotional activity does them justice and invest time in making sure that your staff can explain the products and their benefits.

Happy selling!
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