Get Ahead, Get a Book Section

Giving quilting and sewing books space in your shop can help boost your business.
As a craft shop you are constantly striving to sell more products. You have invested time, money and effort in providing the materials that your customers need. You scratch your head trying to think of new ways to market your goods and attract repeat business from your existing customer base. Actively selling books can have a surprising impact on your business – not only providing additional items to sell but helping bring customers back for more.
Every book that you sell will attract repeat business as your customer returns to buy the materials for the projects in the book that have captured their imagination. Craft books sell well in craft shops, but don't just take our word for it...
“Craft books do have a big influence on consumer spending…….they learn from the books and then expand on it through the purchase of additional tools and materials’
Peter Gadsby, Gadsby’s - Leicester
You can also learn a lot about your customer base from the books that they buy. Hobbycraft have introduced whole new sections of craft materials into their stores after identifying customer demand based on book sales.
Quilters and needlecrafters want to see their local craft shop as a place where their questions can be answered and books provide those answers. When an author is well–known in a particular area, customers avidly read their latest articles in the craft press and want to follow it up with the purchase of their latest books. Craft magazines give books a lot of coverage because they know how popular they are.
Books can be displayed in a separate area or ideally alongside the products they feature. It is no accident that so many manufacturers are keen to get their products in to art and craft books. They know the books will sell more of their product.
Finally, books provide wonderful, long lasting gifts for Christmas, birthdays and special occasions.

Start building your book section
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