Build Engagement and Income with a Block of the Month Scheme

Running a block of the month scheme is a fantastic way to keep your customers engaged whilst providing extra income for your business and helping you turnover your stock.

What Is It?

  • With a Block of the Month scheme your participating customers subscribe to a quilting project.
  • Each month your customers receive a parcel of fabric with full instructions which they use to complete a small section of the quilt. They can either receive the fabrics by post of collect them in person from your shop. 
  • By the end of the subscription, the customer will have all the fabric and instructions required to complete the quilt top.


For You

  • A guaranteed income for your business as customers subscribe in advance.

  • Stock turnover – Ensures you sell the collections used and can be a great way to get rid of older fabrics.

  • Customer engagement – Receiving something from you every month will help keep you in your customer’s thoughts and help you become a fun and engaging brand. This will also bring customers into your shop every month if they are collecting their fabrics in person.

For Your Customer

  • A rewarding project.

  • A great way of spreading the cost and sewing time of making a quilt.

Planning a Block of the Month Scheme

  • Decide on the program – choose a good quilt design that will be rewarding for those who participate. The fabric required should be easy to cut and you should have plentiful stock.

  • Decide on a start date – allow about six weeks for advertising and subscriptions before you start sending fabric. This way you will know:

- How many people will take part
- How much fabric you will need
- What it will cost you
- How much money you will generate

Important Tips

  • If you are not going to manage this yourself, make sure you have assigned someone to be in control of your Block of the Month scheme.

  • If possible try and cut all the fabrics at once.

  • Organise the fabric into readymade packs according to the month when you will send it.

  • Label all packages with the names and addresses of the recipients.

  • Pick a specified day of the month to send out your fabrics and stick to it.

  • Emailing your customers the week before you send out fabrics is an easy way to keep them involved, remind them of payment dates and can even be an opportunity to sell additional products.
  • Encourage local customers to collect their Block of the Month fabrics in person. This will guarantee regular visits to your shop providing an extra selling opportunity as well as saving postage costs and making it easy for customers to ask any questions they have about the quilt project. 
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