Boost Your Sales with Must Have Impulse Buy Items

We’ve all been there – taken a trip to a supermarket given the snack and cake aisle the widest possible berth only to succumb to the temptation of a Snickers, Crème Egg or even a bag of wine gums when we arrive at the checkout.

Big shops and super markets are masters of the impulse buy – we walk in for some milk and a magazine and walk out with things we didn’t even realise we needed.
This may not be the best thing if you’re on a diet but sometimes we come home with a fantastic find you didn’t even know existed!

But what about the craft business?

There are a whole range of unique and wonderful notions and other items you can use to catch your customers eye that will also be genuinely useful for their craft and quilting projects. What about an instant needle threader or An Add a Quarter Ruler for easily adding seam allowances when cutting or… even the basic essentials that such as mats and rotary cutters that can be so easily forgotten if a customer is absorbed in the world of fabrics.

Francesca Nicasio from retail expert Vend offers some top tips on how to encourage impulse buys in your store:
  1. Increase Visibility: ‘Seeing is buying’ so place the focus clearly on what you are selling. Good signage can help. Red and yellow are good eye catching colours used by many retailers but other colours can also be effective depending on your product and audience. 
  2. Strategic Positioning: Part of increasing the visibility of impulse buy items is to place them where they will be seen by your customers. The two most effective ways of doing this are placing products by the checkout area or near your bestsellers. Shoppers at the point of sale are already in the mood to buy so are more likely to make additional purchases. 
  3. Choosing Your Impulse Buy Products: The best impulse buy products are the ones that are easy to pick up – physically and mentally. They should sell themselves without a lot of explaining and should ideally be small and not too expensive. These are items that can be easily added to their shopping basket without needing a big decision. 
  4. Hit the Right Psychological Triggers: Your impulse buys can be made noticeable and enticing by pushing the right customer buttons. You might consider creating a sense of urgency with limited time offers, or offering value by including impulse by items as part of a promotional offer. However impulse buy items don’t always have to be part of a deal or promo. A product that is fresh or novel enough can attract attention. Consider testing new and original products as impulse buy items to see how customers react.
We put together afew suggestions for items that could work well as impulse buys for your customers
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